Lenawee County - Job Placement & Training


We provide an array of job-related services for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. These services include evaluation, testing, training education, and job placement and employment services for both adults and students.

Trial Work Experience
The trainee receives real-life work experience at a community business that matches his or her interests.

Job Placement Services
Professionally trained staff and individuals work closely together to prepare for, identify, and secure employment opportunities.

Vocational Testing
We evaluate a person’s capacity for work, current work skills, aptitudes, vocational interests and personality traits using a variety of hands-on assessment tools.

Homeless Youth

There are some school-age youth in Lenawee County who are homeless. A majority of these students have no parent actively involved in their lives. Our Youth Start Program is a collaborative effort between Goodwill and many other community partners, designed to have each student develop their competitive job skills and support High School graduation and continuing education.

Summer Experience

This experience provides paid work opportunities, community job shadowing, soft skills training and community awareness education to high school students with disabilities.

Next Step

Next Step provides Maurice Spear Campus students with paid on the job and employability skills training, to assist them in transitioning back into the community, continuing their education, and making positive life choices.

Job Coaching

Trained Goodwill Job Coaches work together with the individual and Employer.

Employer Services

Goodwill Industries provides job ready applicants for your business. We save you time and money by providing the following training and employment options:

  • Applicant prescreening
  • Community based training and placement.
  • Job retention services where Goodwill staff work closely with the individual and employer to maintain their employment and continue to contribute to their Employer’s bottom line.