Washtenaw & Hillsdale County Services


We provide an array of job-related services for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. These services include evaluation, testing, training education, and job placement and employment services for both adults and students.

Trial Work Experience
The trainee receives real-life work experience at a community business that matches his or her interests. Goodwill remains the employer of record and documents the trainee’s readiness for employment. A job coach assists the individual in learning skills and behaviors needed for a job.

Job Placement Services
Staff and individuals work closely together to prepare for and identify employment opportunities. Pre-employment and training services provide valuable information to ensure a good job match. Once hired, additional services such as job coaching and retention services are made available to the individual and employer as needed. Additional training can be made available for job advancement.

Vocational Testing
We evaluate a person’s capacity for work, current work skills, aptitudes, vocational interests and personality traits using a variety of hands-on assessment tools. The individual and referring agency receive a written report of his or her specific skill levels, as well as recommendations for employment goals.