Goodwill Staff

Our Team Members Make the Difference

Meet our team! Please feel free to contact us with any inquires or comments.

Board of Directors:

Image of Frank Hribar, DBA

Frank Hribar, DBA


VP of Enrollment & Student Affairs, Adrian College

Image of Todd Gentner

Todd Gentner

Vice Chairman

Client Executive, Kapnick Insurance Group

Image of John Wanke

John Wanke


Image of Kevin Fry

Kevin Fry


Owner, Clayton Lumber

Image of Jenny Engle

Jenny Engle

At Large

Image of Chris Budnik

Chris Budnik

Owner, Dynamic Consulting and Solutions Inc.

Image of John Drews

John Drews

Representative, Summit Financial/Lincoln Financial

Image of Chuck Force

Chuck Force

Vice President of People & Procurement, Brazeway

Not Pictured

Rob Hemmig

Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships, Michigan International Speedway

Not Pictured

Charles Noe

Attorney at Law, Noe Law Office

Image of Phil Schaedler

Phil Schaedler

Partner, Schaedler & Lacasse PC

Not Pictured

Scott Westfall

Professor, Adrian College

Image of Michael Fox, Jr.

Michael Fox, Jr.

TRIO McNair Scholars Program Coordinator, Siena Heights University

Image of Kaity Kapnick

Kaity Kapnick

Benefit Analyst, Kapnick Insurance Group

Image of Vanessa Gomez

Vanessa Gomez

SalesHub Manager, Kapnick Insurance Group

Image of Jennifer Brooket

Jennifer Brooket

Associate Vice President, Jackson College Foundation

Image of Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke

Vice President of Commercial Loans, County National Bank

Team Members:

Image of Keith E Trost

Keith E Trost


Image of John Haught

John Haught

Vice President of Workforce Development

Image of Connie Varner

Connie Varner

Vice President of Donated Goods & Retail

Image of Christal Albig

Christal Albig

Director of Workforce Development

Image of Nathan Salazar

Nathan Salazar

Director of Operations

Image of Rachel Letson

Rachel Letson

Director of Retail

Image of Roxanne Sharrock

Roxanne Sharrock


Image of Eric Eichorn

Eric Eichorn

Director of Human Resources

Image of Sheri Hardcastle

Sheri Hardcastle

Donor Development Specialist

Image of Beth McCary

Beth McCary

Community Program Manager

Image of Cindy Petrowski

Cindy Petrowski

Monroe Services Manager

Image of Dawn Scott

Dawn Scott

Employment Coordinator

Image of Carolyn Halliwill

Carolyn Halliwill

CMH Program Manager

Image of Ronda Jewell

Ronda Jewell

Micro Enterprise Manager

Image of Diana Poluka

Diana Poluka

Operations Manager

Image of Melanie McGovern

Melanie McGovern

Adrian Store Manager

Image of Margie Garcia

Margie Garcia

E Commerce Manager

Image of Karen Hamdar

Karen Hamdar

Lambertville Store Manager

Image of Kristy Minney

Kristy Minney

Monroe Store Manager

Image of Lisa Ward

Lisa Ward

Saline Store Manager

Image of Kristine Dewey

Kristine Dewey

Marketing Manager

Image of Alexis Birdsell

Alexis Birdsell

Donated Goods Manager